About Us  

Hung Huei Trading Co., Ltd.

was established in August 1983. The Company devotes in the manufacturing, innovation & wholesale of domestic cleaning products & supplies by its professional image and high quality production technology. It also acts as an agent for international noted brand to market cosmetics and related products. Besides enhancing Taiwan biochemical technology’s competitiveness, the company also anticipates to build a bridge of health for all the members on earth in body, heart, and spirits.



As for the maintenance of the nature and protection of the eco-environment, the company even spares no efforts and always cautiously and seriously devotes its efforts to the environment by imitating the spirits of “scavengers.”




In order to promote its own image and technology,

the company carried out a technology alliance with ARUUN & INC Bio-tech Company in America in 1992.


Besides actively developing trace elements and trace element related products, we also invest in the R&D of biochemistry and the engineering. When stepping into the twentyfirst new century, biotechnology will be the major industry. Our company also adopts the most advanced US DCS automatic com puter acoustic controlling integrated production facility to meet the market’s demand. Life is invaluable; however, our living environment is threatening human’s health. Therefore, pursuing health, keeping youngness, and providing warm care are the most important issues in our company and, meanwhile, are considered to be our responsibilities. Research & Development