Wellington Anti-Bacteria Hand Cleanser  

Wellington Anti-Bacteria Hand Cleanser & Washing Liquid
Wellington Anti-Bacteria Hand Cleanser

4000gm / 4711564802547

Product Features
  • Natural oil surfactant to quickly remove hand’s dirt and oil.
  • High-grade lanoline and natural moisturizing agent to not only protect hand’s skin but also make hand soft, smooth, and comfortable after cleaning.
  • Can achieve more than 99.8% anti-bacteria and antibiotic effects. Provide complete prevention of Enterovirus.
Primary Ingredients
  • Lanoline, Moistening agent, hand protection agent, antiseptic TCS (Triclosan), surface-active agent.
The Use
  • Good for the cleaning of hands. Grease, dirt, offensive smells, or engine oil on hands can be washed away easily with dry and comfortable feels.
To use
  • Gently press the pump to put some hand cleanser on the palm, rub and rinse with water.
  • Hand protecting agent is specially added into this product for allowing a smooth feel after cleaning hands and having better hand protection effect.