Wellington Aromatic Bath Gel  

Wellington Aromatic Body Bath & Shower Gel
Wellington Aromatic Bath Gel

1000ml / 4711564801359

Product Features
  • General soap is alkaline and makes skin lose congealed fat that is required to protect cerebral cortex. Using this bath gel can balance skin’s ph value and provide gentle nourishment. After bathing, skin is shiny and fine. It is the most suitable for normal and dry skin.
Primary Ingredients
  • Natural coconut fatty acids, palm oil, skin protecting agent, lanoline, high-grade essence oil.
The Use
  • Provides gentle nourishment to skin and makes shiny and fine skin.
To use
  • Wet the whole body, apply suitable amount of the aromatic bath gel on palm or bath towel, gently rub the whole body, and rinse with water.