Wellington Engine Parts Cleanser (Water-Based)  

Wellington Engine Parts Degreaser & Cleanser
Wellington Engine Parts Cleanser (Water-Based)

4000gm / 4711564802912

Product Features
  • Extra strong degreasing formula to quickly remove grease and dirts on the surface of engine and transmission box. Good for the cleaning and maintenance of alloy, aluminum, and other kinds of metal parts.
  • Can quickly decompose stubborn grease, making grease-removal fast and easy.
Primary Ingredients
  • Non-ionic surfactant, energy, special solvent.
To use
  • Directly spray this cleanser on parts that need to be cleaned.
  • For thicker and carbonized grease, directly spray this product on grease surface, wait about five minutes, and rinse the dissolved dirts with water by using high pressure washer in medium pressure.