Wellington Degreaser  

Engine Oil Degreaser, Best Natural Degreaser
Wellington Degreaser

350ml / 4711564801700

Product Features
  • Ball pen marks, collar, blood stain, soy sauce, engine oil and any other dirt can be removed easily.
  • Containing special active scouring enzyme and high performance stubborn dirt removal formula to quickly infiltrate, decompose, and soften stubborn dirt, so as to effectively remove stubborn stains, such as sweat, fat dirt, grease (salad oil, lard, engine oil), soy sauce, juice, blood stain, lipstick, pen marks, on collar, cuff, and sole of a stocking and easily to achieve cleaning effects.
Primary Ingredients
  • Enzyme, surface-active agent, high-class fragrance.
To use
  • Spay the degreaser on dirty areas and wash in accordance with common cloth-washing procedures. Use amount can be added or setting time can be extended for stains that are harder to remove.