Wellington Anti-Bacteria Cleanser  

Wellington Antibacterial Cleansers & Detergent
Wellington Anti-Bacteria Cleanser

4000gm / 4711564801724

Product Features
  • Effectively remove germs, such as on dishes. Has antiseptic and antibacterial effects on colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, and other general miscellaneous germs.
  • Mild and gentle environment protection formula. Do not remain on dishes. Do not hurt hands.
  • Grease on the surface of dishes and editable utensils can be easily cleaned. Good to rinse and easy to clean.
Primary Ingredients
  • Natural coconut fatty acids, surface-active agent, antibiotics, and natural fruit extracts.
To use
  • Add about 3~5 c.c. cleanser into about 2 liters of water. Use clean water to rinse after cleaning.
  • The cleaning of editable utensils, dishes, pots, cutting board, and wiper.