Wellington Kitchen Cleanser  

Wellington Natural Kitchen Cleanser for Counter & Cabinet
Wellington Kitchen Cleanser

4000gm / 4711564802479

Product Features
  • A perfect product for cleaning kitchens. It has powerful grease removal effect and brightening effect. After cleaning, a layer of glossy protective film is formed.
Primary Ingredients
  • Surfactant SODIUMHYDROXIDE, enzyme oil splitter, antibiotics.
To use
  • Spray and then use wiper or paper towel to clean.
  • Or apply on wiper to clean the dirt.
  • After cleaning, use dry cloth to wipe again to show the gloss.
  • For heavy oil accumulation, spray and wait for 5-8 minutes for easy cleaning.
  • Kitchen: Smoke absorber unit, gas stove, counter, cabinet, oven.
  • Others: Has the most effective results on areas, where accumulated heavy grease like tiles and stainless wares.