Wellington Bathroom and Lavatory Cleanser  

Wellington Bathroom, Bathtub, Tile Cleaner
Wellington Bathroom and Lavatory Cleanser

1000gm / 4711564801243

Product Features
  • This product is a special active detergent; it can quickly remove dirt and rust to save your time and efforts. It does not hurt skin and utensils and has deodorizing and antibacterial effects.
Primary Ingredients
  • Surfactant, strong detergent, antibiotics, and fragrance.
To use
  • Spray the cleanser on dirt, wait a few minutes for emulsification, scrub with a brush, and then rinse with clean water to make the article as clean as a new one.
  • Dirt and water stain in bathroom, toilet, bathtub, washbasin, tile, and porcelain.