Wellington Bathroom and Lavatory Cleanser  

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Wellington Bathroom and Lavatory Cleanser

4000gm / 4711564802554

Product Features
  • Quickly and completely decompose dirt in the bathroom. It has even more mysterious cleaning effect for stubborn deposition.
  • Cleaning, deodorization, sterilization, molding, and bacteria resisting are all in one. The product also keeps distributing refreshing and elegant fragrant.
  • Effectively suppress the growth of bacteria.
  • The product uses unique environment protection agent; it does not product pollution and protects the earth’s resources.
Primary Ingredients
  • Special lemon formula, unique surfactant, high-grade scent.
To use
  • Sprinkle this product on the dirt area, wait 3-5 minutes, use brush or sponge to scrub and clean, rinse with water.
  • For stubborn dirt, please sprinkle this product, wait about 10 minutes, allow it to dissolve and get lose, use brush to scrub and wash (can also apply this product on scouring pad and directly scrub on the dirt) away dirt. The cleaning area will be bright as new.
  • Sanitary equipment: bath, washstand, bathtub, bathroom tiles, and toilet.
  • Others: Laundry room, plastic footrest, bucket set, and plastic wares.