Wellington Crystal Titanium Protective Film  

Wellington Crystal Titanium Rubber Plastic Surface Protective Film
Wellington Crystal Titanium Protective Film

4000gm / 4711564803124

Product Features
  • Apply suitable amount of the product on objects (utensils) to naturally form a leaf surface protective film, just like the theorem of lotus effect making glob and dust unable to adhere to. This product does not contain any solvent, so it will not make leather to chap or crack on the surface. It does not create greasy feel after using.
Primary Ingredients
  • Macromolecule silicon, polish membrane wax, softener.
The Use
  • This product is good for any kinds of materials, such as wood, leather, plastic, rubber, and metal plate products. Apply suitable amount on the surface of objects to naturally form a protective film, gently wipe to polish the object. It also has softening effect on leather and plastic objects. Water-repellent and stain repellent are done in one step.
To use
  • Spray this product on objects (utensils) in a distance about 20 centimeters. After applying suitable amount of this product, use cotton cloth and gently wipe the object.
  • Furniture and products that are made of wood, leather, plastic, rubber, and metal plate.