Wellington Floor Cleanser  

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Wellington Floor Cleanser

4000gm / 4711564802578

Product Features
  • One easy moping to finish the polish, sterilization, deodorization, and fragrance.
  • Good for all kinds of floors with good grease- and stain removal effects.
  • No dirt or sticky feel after cleaning.
  • Effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • This product uses special environmental protection component; it does not produce pollution and protects the earth’s resources.
Primary Ingredients
  • Surface-active agent, antistatic agent, emulsion wax, antibiotics, high-grade fragrance oil.
To use
  • Add about 80ml of this product into half bucket of water, put in mop or wiper, wring and directly mop or wipe. Do not have to re-clean with clean water.
  • Make floor clean and shine without brushing and rinsing. It also has the effects of sterilization and fragrance.
  • Please double the use amount and use mop to clean if the floor is too dirty.
  • Good for terrazzo floor and floors made of marble, tile, wood, or plastics.
  • Can easily clean kitchen floor, dining floor, living room floor, bedroom floor, and bathroom floor.
  • Can remove grease, dirt, dust, food stain, and have the effects of sterilization and fragrance.