Wellington Indoor Air Freshener (violet, lavender, lemon, poison, sand hill)  

Wellington Indoor Air Freshener for Bedroom, Hotel, Bathroom
Wellington Indoor Air Freshener (violet, lavender, lemon, poison, sand hill)

4000gm / 4711564802684

Product Features
  • Deodorization, Antiseptic, Mite Prevention, Double Aroma
  • To create an odorless, fragrant, antibiotic, refreshing, and natural indoor living space, and enhance your life style. Its natural forest phytoncid formula adopts plant’s natural quintessence to have deodorizing and antibacterial effects. The aroma can restrain bacteria and mites in the air. With light faint scent, the living space is full of brisk breath.
Primary Ingredients
  • Deodorant, natural essence oil, emulsifier, natural extract.
To use
  • Sub-package the 1 gallon economic pack into spray bottles or small bottles for the convenience of use.
  • Anywhere that requires deodorization and fragrance, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, hotel, restaurant, club, clothing and other articles of daily use, office, bathroom and lavatory, and smoking room. It can also be used as aromatic bath and toilet water.