Wellington Nanometer Photo-Catalyst Antibacterial Deodorant  

Wellington Nanometer Photo-Catalyst Antibacterial Deodorant
Wellington Nanometer Photo-Catalyst Antibacterial Deodorant

4000gm / 4711564802738

Product Features
  • Features of Nanometer photo-catalyst (Tio2). Nanometer photo-catalyst’s n-type ceramics, while is illuminated by UV rays, can pair up the ion holes to reflect surface water content and be excited to have strong oxidizing force to produce an isolation membrane. The strong oxidizing force can decompose Co2, H2O, and circulated pollutants. It has antiseptics and deodorizing effects.
Primary Ingredients
  • Nanometer ultra fine molecule (Tio2), grapefruit abstracts, energy water π.
The Use
  • The Nanometer ultra fine molecule (Tio2) is a quite stable n type ceramics; it is only one-billionth meter. Wavelength of live form’s life system, including gene, signal transmission RNA, and protein DNA, is controlled by nanometer, which has antibacterial and deodorizing effects. Light is a must-have element for photo-catalyst. When Tio2 is excited by light (UV rays or fluorescent), the catalysis can catalyze water vapor and oxygen into OH radical and negative oxygen ions. OH radical and negative oxygen ions are strong oxidation organic matter, which can eliminate odor and body dirt and destroy bacteria’s cell membrane, so as to kill bacteria. And the matter that can stimulate the series of reactions is called photo-catalyst. Nanometer titania (Tio2) is a sustenance of photo-catalyst.
To use
  • Spray on the center area of the pollution site.
  • Interior space of a car, furniture, clothing, air conditioning, bathroom and lavatory, kitchen, floor, elevator, closed space, garbage dump, etc.