Wellington Condensed Domestic Cleanser  

Wellington Condensed Domestic Cleanser
Wellington Condensed Domestic Cleanser

600g / 4711564801311

Product Features
  • Contains special ingredients and mild abrasives to easily remove all kinds of stubborn dirt. Remove dirt and accumulated filth at once. It is the best sacred product for cleaning kitchens.
Primary Ingredients
  • Surfactant, ultra fine abrasives.
To use
  • Only need to apply a small amount of this product directly on appliances or wet wiper, gently rub the dirty area, wipe with clean wiper or rinse with clean water to remove all kind of grease and dirt easily.
  • Bathtub, counter, gas stove and stove wares, smoke absorber unit, sink, toilet, tile, stainless steel pot, tea pot set, and other stainless steel products.