Wellington High Performance Cleaning Powder  

Toilet & Stainless Steel Cleaning Powder
Wellington High Performance Cleaning Powder

600g / 4711564801304

Product Features
  • Contains special components and mild abrasne; it can easily remove dirt and stains. Even the stubborn dirt and stains in the kitchen and bathroom can be effective cleaned.
Primary Ingredients
  • Surfactant, Abrasne
The Use
  • Any object can be shiny and glossy after wiping gently. It is especially good for cleaning facilities such as bathtub, stainless steel pot, tea pot set, kitchen cabinet, gas stove surface, ventilation hood, sink, toilet, and tiles.
To use
  • Only need to squeeze out a tiny amount of cleaning powder directly on the surface of utensils or wet wiper, gently scrub areas with dirt, use clean wet wiper or clean water to rinse to remove all the grease and dirt.